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Underwriting is the first and only employment website to focus specifically on the underwriting profession. Because of our decision to focus on underwriters, we greatly increase the odds of matching employers with experienced and talented underwriters who are seeking employment.

This website was built with two things in mind. First, make recruiting underwriters directly easier, faster and cheaper for employers. Second, Give underwiters what they deserve, an employment website just for them.

We are constantly striving to do whatever we can to provide the best possible customer service and create the most value for our customers. We value your feedback and are always interested in exploring new ways to partner with other organizations related to the underwriting profession.

If you have questions about this website or about in general, please contact us by calling 972-679-4542 or by sending us an email at

Thank you for visiting. is The Employment Site for Underwriters!

Serving the underwriting community since 1999

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