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Title:Mortgage Closer (10981)Salary:Open/flexible - 0
City:South Bend Location: IN
Category:MortgagePosted: 7/9/2015
P O S I T I O N  I N F O R M A T I O N
Essential Function

Responsible for compiling and producing all mortgage closing documentation, scheduling and coordinating closing with all parties involved, and following up the receipt of final documents.

Primary Responsibilities & Duties

1.Responsible for ordering appraisal, flood certification, and title work according to established guidelines.

2.Responsible for updating the mortgage system to record documentation that is requested and received.

3.Compiles and prepares all mortgage closing documentation including title company instruction.

4.Schedules and coordinates closings in a timely manner between members, title companies, sellers, and Realtors.

5.Disburses checks to title companies and others and processes final closing package upon receipt after closing.

6.Follows up receipt of final title policies, recorded documents, and any other documentation required.

7.Assumes additional responsibilities as necessary for the continued growth and advancement of the Credit Union.

Specific Skills

•Excellent human relation and clear communication skills.

•Knowledge or investor guidelines as they relate to the closing function.

•Computer literacy (Windows environment) Data entry skills required.

•Strong math skills.
•Organizational skills

Minimum Requirement

•High School Diploma (GED) or equivalent skills and abilities.

•Minimum one-year experience in residential mortgage processing or closing.


•Accurate completion of all mortgage loan documentation according to and in compliance with all federal and local regulations and investor requirements.

•Closing of loans within a targeted time frame to provide timely member service and avoid any penalties or losses as a result of expired rate commitments.

•Accountable for Performance Management Goals as agreed upon with Supervisor.

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