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J O B  I N F O R M A T I O N
Title:Sr. UnderwriterSalary:70000 - 85000
City:Arlington, VA Location: VA
Category:Life/HealthPosted: 7/21/2015
P O S I T I O N  I N F O R M A T I O N
Since 1879, Navy Mutual has faithfully fulfilled its duty to support military families by providing excellent life insurance and annuity products. We are proud to serve as steadfast advocates for Navy Mutual Members to ensure they receive the benefits and financial security they deserve. At Navy Mutual, our guiding principle is to serve our Members the same way they serve our country – with integrity, passion and commitment.

Position: This position is established to provide knowledgeable and timely life/medical underwriting services for new applications received for coverage under any of the benefit plans issued by the Association.

Duties & Responsibilities:

•  Initial screening and evaluation of applications for coverage of all face amounts up to $1,000,000 in accordance with Association Policy and Procedure

•  Work with the Manager on applications which require adverse action approval and all matters dealing with the establishment of medical standards

•  Liaison with underwriting vendors to order medical examinations, laboratory services, and medical records as needed

•  Screen relevant requests for payment or reimbursement of any insureds’ medical expenses prior to the approval by the Manager and/or VP of Operations

•  Under the general direction of the Manager oversee the efforts of the other Life Underwriters and Contract Underwriter(s)

•  Review underwriting pending file and follow-up on overdue requests for information

•  Assist with critical review of any death claim made within two years of its effective date for potential contest of benefits payable

•  Update the medical portion of each of the application forms and/or the medical examiner certificate whenever required, due to a change in medical standards or as directed by the Manager

•  Respond to phone and email inquiries from members and prospective members relative to Underwriting procedures and decisions

•  Responsible for reviewing/approving the accelerated death benefit option (ADBO) and Chronic Illness Option applications/claims

•  Assist with maintaining and routinely updating Underwriting Manual and standard underwriting policies

•  Assist with providing the staff with necessary training, using the Underwriting Manual and standard underwriting strategies, policies and standards for timely service and production goals

•  Attend Industry meetings and Conventions, as assigned, in order to help maintain current, industry best practices within the department and continue to develop skills and knowledge with risk assessment

•  Maintain a thorough understanding and knowledge of all Navy Mutual software programs utilized by the team, and all products, services, rates, etc.

•  Provide support in incorporating changes in current products and/or new products, processes and systems within the department, and identify and make recommendations for improvements to enhance productivity

•  Work closely with the IT Department, vendors, and other business departments to ensure that systems and processes meet the needs of the department and participates in implementation and transition activities as may be required

•  Provide on-going support with User Acceptance Testing of software modifications and enhancements

•  Other duties as assigned

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in related field and a minimum of 5+ years of experience in life and/or medical underwriting needed. Must also possess superior medical and terminology knowledge, up to date understanding of prescriptions, ability to review and interpret medical histories, ECG, and medical records. Professional designations such as CLU, FLMI, ALU, FALU or other insurance-related certifications or courses preferred. Working knowledge of underwriting operational software, including reporting; and insurance policy administration system experience is essential. Candidates must have a proven ability to balance multiple projects successfully, and meet deadlines, while being fully responsible for efficient and timely execution of daily processes. Proficiency in Microsoft office products (Word, Excel, etc.) is a must. Candidates must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others. Must have strong time management, organizational and customer service skills, be detail-oriented, and possess sound leadership decision making skills.

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